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I feel immense gratitude to the universe and my higher self for having put me at the doors of Dana’s practice. With much love, respect and compassion she accompanied me into my journey of inner healing, exploration, acceptance and self-love and brought me closer to my true authentic self.

Carolina Client

We sought Dana's services to support my relative and I with anxiety and uncertainty following a recent diagnosis of cancer. Dana has customised her therapy sessions and went out of her way, especially to assist us. She was very caring, supportive and compassionate. After only 3 sessions with Dana, our emotional wellbeing has greatly improved. My relative no longer experiences anxiety. He feels confident and certain that he has all the emotional resources he needs to live a positive and healthy life regardless of this serious condition.

A J Customers

I wanted to pass on some gorgeous feedback from Kevin Pratt this morning. He phoned the admin phone a few days ago very perturbed that someone in the AHA (not me!!) had given him a therapists name “out in whoop whoop” miles away from him in the hills and didn’t we have anyone closer? I used the AHA directory as usual and there you were, not even a kilometre away from him - he was delighted that you were so close and has phoned the admin phone this morning to say he is “more than satisfied and deeply relieved to have had his wife see you yesterday. We are finally on the right track!” he said. Thank you!! As he has probably told you, he’s had a rough time of it with hypnotherapists and I wanted to share with you so we can all feel delighted that his faith in hypnotherapists (and the AHA) is renewed – all down to you.

Mailin Colman Australian Hypnotherapists Association


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