Holistic Hypnotherapy for Children & Teenagers | Hypnotherapy Adelaide with Dana Salerno


Hypnotherapy for Children and Teenagers with Dana Salerno

Supporting Growth, Understanding, and Well-being

Dana Salerno, an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, offers a compassionate and effective approach tailored for children and teenagers facing a wide range of challenges. From nail-biting, eating disorders, bedwetting, and pain control, to managing depression, phobias (including fear of injections and needles), exam stress, performance anxiety, sleep issues, gender dysphoria, and behavioral concerns, Dana provides supportive care that respects the individuality and needs of each young person.

Our Holistic Child and Teen-Focused Approach: Dana’s therapy combines clinical hypnotherapy with behavioral modification techniques, adjusted for the developmental stage of each client, to:

  • Tackle Diverse Childhood and Adolescent Issues: Providing strategies to overcome habits and disorders, and addressing emotional distress including gender dysphoria, ensuring a sensitive and affirming approach.
  • Address Behavioral Challenges: Working on behavioral issues with empathy, aiming to understand the root causes and develop constructive behavior patterns.
  • Empower Through Personal Challenges: Offering tools for emotional regulation, coping with depression, and overcoming specific phobias, enhancing self-esteem and personal resilience.
  • Boost Academic and Performance Capabilities: Assisting with exam preparation, reducing performance anxiety, and improving concentration and motivation.
  • Promote Healthy Sleep Habits: Helping to establish routines that encourage restful and restorative sleep, crucial for development and daily functioning.

Key Benefits for Our Young Clients:

  • Comprehensive Support for a Range of Issues: From physical habits to profound emotional and identity challenges, including gender dysphoria and behavioral adjustments.
  • Enhanced Self-Understanding and Confidence: Building a positive self-image and fostering an environment where children and teenagers feel understood and valued.
  • Engagement with Families for Holistic Support: Including parents and guardians in the therapeutic journey to ensure a supportive environment extends beyond therapy sessions.

Tailored Sessions for Children and Teenagers:

  • Individually Designed Therapy: Carefully crafted sessions to address and resonate with the specific challenges, ensuring effective and compassionate treatment.
  • Continuous Support and Guidance: Offering ongoing assistance for families, enabling a consistent and reinforcing framework for development and healing.

Flexible and Accessible Therapy Options:

  • In-Person Consultations: Creating a safe, welcoming space for young clients to express themselves and engage in therapy.
  • Online Therapy Sessions: Providing accessible care for families and young individuals who prefer or require remote therapeutic support.

Embark on a Path of Compassionate Change: Reach out for a free consultation to explore how Dana Salerno can assist your child or teenager with their unique challenges, including gender dysphoria and behavioral issues. We commit to a respectful, judgment-free environment, focused on nurturing growth, understanding, and well-being in young individuals.


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