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Overcoming Addictions, Habits, and Stop Smoking with Dana Salerno

Empowering You to Transform Your Life

Dana Salerno, an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, offers specialized therapy for individuals aiming to overcome various addictions, habits, including smoking cessation, and tackle procrastination. Whether it’s quitting smoking, managing weight, finding motivation for fitness, or overcoming procrastination to achieve your goals, Dana provides a supportive and effective approach to help you succeed.

Our Comprehensive Approach: Dana’s therapy integrates clinical hypnotherapy with behavioral modification techniques to:

  • Address Psychological Dependencies: Tackling the mental and emotional aspects of addictions, such as nicotine dependency from smoking, unhealthy eating patterns, and the root causes of procrastination.
  • Modify Behavior Patterns: Identifying and altering routines associated with harmful habits including smoking and procrastination, encouraging productive actions.
  • Strengthen Resolve: Empowering you with strategies to resist cravings, maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay motivated, and follow through on commitments and tasks.

Key Benefits of Our Therapy:

  • Reduced Cravings: Learn techniques to manage and overcome dependencies on substances like nicotine and urges to delay important tasks.
  • Improved Health and Well-being: Experience the health benefits associated with stopping smoking and making healthier lifestyle choices.
  • Enhanced Self-Control: Gain control over your actions and choices related to addictions, habits, including the decision to stop smoking, and the tendency to procrastinate.
  • Long-term Success: Aim for a healthier, smoke-free, balanced life with sustainable strategies for continuous improvement and achievement.

Tailored Sessions for Individual Needs:

  • Personalized Strategy: Each therapy session is customized to address your specific triggers, behavioral patterns, and challenges related to addictions, habits, including smoking, and procrastination.
  • Support and Guidance: Dana provides ongoing support, helping you navigate through the process of change and smoking cessation.

Convenient and Accessible Therapy Options:

  • In-Person Consultations: Experience face-to-face therapy in a safe and confidential setting, ideal for intensive smoking cessation support.
  • Online Therapy Sessions: Ideal for those who prefer the convenience of remote sessions or are seeking flexible options to stop smoking.

Start Your Journey Towards a Healthier Life: Reach out for a free consultation to explore how Dana Salerno can support your goals, whether it’s to quit smoking, manage weight, increase physical activity, or overcome procrastination. We are committed to providing a respectful, judgment-free environment tailored to your journey towards transformation and success.


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